The Only Way is Digital

Since I started Declarative Solutions Limited I have worked non stop helping clients install FinancialForce or help automate processes, create new reports and dashboards to aid transparency and generally make life better for the finance teams.

From my perspective more and more companies will understand that they have to go digital or they will loose out to competitors who do. If you decide to use Salesforce (an excellent choice) then integrating your front and back office by using FinancialForce is an obvious next step.

To get  the full benefit from FinancialForce I believe you need more than a standard Financialforce install, you need to step back and understand where real value can be achieved from your investment. This is likely to be from automating processes and improving visibility of data. These things are not provided by FinancialForce as standard.

This is where Declarative Solutions can help – unleash the potential of your investment.

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